About ZACK

ZACK - The Educational Cafe

ZACK – The Educational Cafe was established in the year 2015, by Mrs. Jaanvi Devnani with the ambition to introduce a unique way of learning.

We got inspired by the name ZACK due to it’s Hebrew origin – ‘The Lord has remembered’, and the word ‘Cafe’ denotes – ‘A Relaxed Social Space’, since it gives the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Thereupon, connecting these words together with ‘Education’ we got the name, ‘ZACK – The Educational Cafe’.

To live up to our name we always try to make our institute a comfort zone for the kids so that whenever they enter, they are relaxed, cheerful, and secure, precisely how they would feel in their homes or at a cafe.

Founder and Director

Mrs. Jaanvi Devnani

A trained special Education Teacher. Expertise in Curriculum Designing and exclusive strategies. Her skill sets are in the area of special education, mainstream education, and counseling for emotional, academic, social, and behavioral issues.

Career Highlights

  • Remedial Educator
  • Teacher Trainer
  • Student Advisor
  • Parenting Consultant

Academic Credentials

  • Masters in Counselling Psychology
  • PG Diploma in Management of Learning Disability
  • Montessori Training
  • Bachelor of Commerce

Professional Training

  • Certificate Course in Counselling [March 2017]
  • Jolly Phonics [April 2016]
  • Story Telling [April 2016]
  • Prafulta’s Teacher Training in Remedial Education [May 2015]
  • Vedas Ignite Diploma Course in Special Education[April 2014]

Work Experience

  • Jr KG Teacher S.D planets [Year: 2007-2008]
  • Pre-Nursery Delhi Public school(D.P.S) [March-2008-August-2008]
  • PGLD Lecture in Vanita Vishram college [Year 2014-15]
    (Subject-Inclusive Education)
  • P.R.Kathiwala School [December 2018-December 2019]
    (Remedial Educator + Councellor)
  • T M Patel International School [March 2019-December 2019]
    (Remedial Educator)


Our Belief

Our strongest belief is ~

“To bring a change towards fearless education”

We believe that education should be delivered in such a way that it connects to the child while providing them with warmth and love. Because of our belief, we always try to make the child understand that life skills, behavior, and social skills are essential elements of education. We believe in conceptual learning rather than rote learning and gaining marks.

Our Educational Approach

Every child is different.
Every child needs to learn.

Therefore, At ZACK The Educational Cafe, we aim to work on the individual needs of each child that walks in through our doors. We believe in ‘Nurture according to Nature‘ and that is why we don’t have one policy for all.

We personalize learning plans according to the needs of the child. Each child has potential, and through minute observations, we try to know their learning patterns and keeping their behavior in mind, we teach them.

Simply a quote says it all,

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they can learn.


Initially the goal is to adapt the child in learning environment at ZACK. Academic skills such as reading,comprehending,learning, writing and use of information technology are taken care of, along with it our students are given systematic training to improve their skill-set, such as

  • Interpersonal relationships
  • communication skills
  • problem-solving technique
  • self-management
  • self-learning
  • independent thinking
  • creativity

By focusing on their

  • Multi-Sensory Approach
  • Time Management
  • Social Interaction
  • Building Confidence
  • Hands-on Experience

Parents are also involved in the process, regular meetings and feedbacks help us give a better outcome.

Our Plans Include

  • Foundation Course

As the name suggests it is the base of all education, this plan is for ages three to five.

    • Recognition.
    • Phonics
    • Spoken English
    • Reading and Writing
    • English
    • Hindi
    • Math
    • Brain Boosting
    • General knowledge
    • Storytelling
    • Art and Craft
    • Educational Games and
    • Puzzles

Everything starts from basics and is monitored regularly to understand the jumps and fall a child may take to move.

  • Tuitions + Groom Them Smart

    Our Academic pattern : We work on individual approaches. Each subject level is noted. Strengths are enhanced and Weaknesses are kept in mind, gracefully a journey starts by motivating them and helping them to overcome their weaknesses.

Efforts are put to enhance their skills in areas of academics, social, emotional, and moral behavior. Extracurricular activities such as drawing, crafts, library, etc help to upgrade student learning.

Students are motivated to self-study focusing on independent learning.

General Pattern Explanation, Oral, Written Practice, Regular Test.

Groom them smart is thrilling fun Saturdays for our kids. After studying for the entire week Saturdays are fun days for them. Festivals are celebrated and Activities such as role-play, public speaking, games and much more make a happy day for them.

  • Remedial

Remedial education is also known as compensatory education, special education, special ed, and special needs education.

At ZACK, Individual Education Plan (IEP) is made in Remedial Education. The IEP focuses on the overall development of a child. We believe a learning difficulty student, has potential. It’s just that through a well-planned IEP we improve skills and enhance abilities in each child.

*Batches offered  

As we make personalized plans for each child we offer flexible batch times, from 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM, Monday to Saturday.

  • Open School (OBE-NIOS)

Goals towards better learning.  

Open Basic Education(OBE)Plan  The program provides elementary education at three levels and each level is for one year

    • The eligible age for level A is 7+ years and is equivalent to 3rd grade.
    • The eligible age for level B is 9+ years and is equivalent to 5th grade.
    • The eligible age for level C is 12+ years and is equivalent to 8th grade.

  ZACK is offering all Levels – A, B, and C of OBE And NIOS 10th and 12th.

*Only Morning Batch


We promote learning in a cultured environment, for which our center is equipped with:

  • Audio-Visual Room
  • Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  • Library
  • Dance Room
  • Pantry & Washroom Facility
  • Computer Lab
  • Group Interaction Area
  • Fire Safety
  • Art & Craft Zone
  • One-on-One Classroom


Our vision is to provide student-centered educational programs that challenge all students to perform at their highest potential.

We wish to prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them clarity in thinking, a global perspective towards society, and a respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, perseverance, and compassion.

We shape them to work hard and succeed today and be prepared for the best tomorrow.


Our mission is to create a happy place where everyone is valued and respected.

We strive to prepare all students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens,ready to meet the challenges of the future. 

In partnership with families and communities,our goal is to create relevant learning opportunities for students ,that help them develop knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character necessary to succeed in a technologically advanced world.